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      Chromating Line
      The chromating line is to clean the lubricating grease and antioxidative grease adhesive to the surface white bing rolled, and other impurities such as silicon, magnesium, the deposit on the surface of the aluminum sheets. The company used qualified industrial chemicals and advanced technology to have chromating dealing with the surface of aluminum sheets. Through this technology, the aluminum sheet will be covered with a high density and honeycomb oxidative coating.

      Precision coating line
      The precision coating line is to coat the chemisynthesized aluminum roll with various paints according to the requirements of customers.

      Continuous aluminium-plastic composite line
      This is the key equipment of producing aluminum composite panels. The continuous equipment could make aluminum sheets in both side and PE core with DUPONT adhesive on the surface get together to each other under the high heat and high pressure. With 100% DUPONT adhesive, advanced equipments, perfect technology and strict quality control, we have produced aluminum composite panels whose peel strength are more than 10N/mm averagely and superior to the quality index of international famous brand.