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      Welcome to the Company

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      Changzhou Flores Decoration Material Co., Ltd, specialize in manufacturing and exporting ALUMINUM COMPOSITE PANEL, ALUMINUM HONEYCOMB PANEL, ALUMINUM EXTRUSIONS AND PAINTING ALUMINUM COIL.

      Presently, our company has more than 300emplyees, of which over 100 employees are various specialized professional technicians. Our company covers the land area of 38000m2 , and owns the workshop more than 24000m2. For aluminum composite panels, our company owns 3 automatic production lines, and achieves annual production capacity of 2000000m2! For aluminum honeycomb panels, our company has more than 100sets vacuum-pumping equipments, and could achieve annual capacity of 1000000m2 flat panel, 500000m2 arch panels. Our company has the most professional engineers in China, could meet all kinds of shape requirements from the customers, such as L shape, double-curved arch shape, single-curved shape etc. In addition, our engineers could help the customers to design related panel size according to your plane graph!! For aluminum extrusions, our company has 5 extruding production lines, and achieves the annual production capacity of 5000tons!

      Our company is certificated with ISO9001:2008 International Quality System and ISO14001:2004 International Environment System! Our products also gained some important certificates, such as: aluminum composite panel

      ---CE, ASTEM E84, BS476 part 4,6&7;
      Aluminum honeycomb panel
      -----BS476 part 4,6&7, ASTM 1781 etc.

      Our products are not only sold well in domestic, they are also exported to many countries, such as: Germany, France, England, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Libya, UAE, Iran, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Canada etc.

      Always insist on the tenet” Technology as driving force and development on quality”, FLORES achieves one progress by one progress!! Finally, we sincerely and warmly welcome you to cooperate with us, and work together to compose a new chapter for world’s decoration material.