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      Welcome to the Company

      Home > Changzhou flores > F A Q

      1. Can I purchase only one layer of aluminum panels Flores?

      Flores is a balanced composite board, all products have two layers of aluminum panels.

      2. Aluminum plate on both sides of the aluminum skin barrier thickness?

      Can not, Flores is a balanced composite board, both sides of the aluminum skin thickness, barrier, will result in deformation.

      3. Can I purchase any color of Flores?

      Flores many standard colors to choose from. Under conditions that meet the minimum order quantity, can also provide special customer specified color。

      4. Flores is a thermal insulation material?

      Flores the core with a certain degree of insulation performance. To achieve special insulation requirements, the need to use special insulation materials.

      5. Rainbow brand aluminum plate board can supply the maximum size?

      Standard width: 1200mm and 1220 mm  1250 mm and 1500 mm, the most width: 1570 mm.
      Standard length: 2440mm according to customers' requirements set foot production, up to 8,500 mm.

      6. The composite Flores the core material of the plate?

      Low-density polyethylene (LDPE).

      7. The core of the other colors?

      Flores black core. Flores fire aluminum composite panel core color is gray.

      8. Flores have several thickness?

      Flores There are four types of thickness: 3 mm, 4 mm 5mm and 6 mm.

      9. How processing Flores?








      Clamping connection




      Bolt connection

      Art form

      Red bend







      10. Flores board temperature performance.?

      Flores board temperature range: -50 ° C to +105 ° C

      11. Flores can bend it?

      Flores can use ordinary metal working forming roll arc machine or bending molding machine or clamping the metal tube cold bend arc. This processing is very similar to the other sheet metal processing.

      12. Vendors can provide the installation of sheet metal parts, such as the rubber seal or system accessories?

      We are only responsible for the production of sheet metal and to provide product applications and technical services. Under normal circumstances by professional curtain wall company with specific project design and is responsible for processing and installation.

      13. Further understand Flores?

      About Flores more information, you can obtain the following ways:

      - Contact directly with the factory headquarters