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      Super peel-off strength
      With varieties of advanced equipment and DUPONT adhesive, FLORESBOND® features with excellent peel-off strength, torsion strength and bending strength under heavy loads

      Easy processing and installation
      FLORESBOND® is easy to process and install because of its light weight(3.5-5.5kgs/m2). All cutting, milling, planning, slotting, side-folding and curving will be easily fullfiled through simple tools.

      Outstanding fire-proofing property
      FLORESBOND® FR passed the American Safety/Class A rating per ASTM E84 and the British per BS-476, also Chinese GB8624-27, etc. It Performed excellent in flame spread and Smoke development

      FLORESBOND® features with Good impact resistance, toughness, bending rigidity, will not be damaged when it suffering from impact, hitting, sand blown in wind etc.

      Super weather resistance
      FLORESBOND® is coated with FLUORO-CARBON(PVDF) resin, which feature it with alkali resistance, salt resistance and acid resistance, and could be warranted for 20 years without color fading.

      Various colors
      FLORESBOND® owns more than 80 standard colors!! For special colors, we could copy it as your requirements.

      Easy maintenance
      Routine cleaning of the FLORESBOND® surface is recommended. It may be washed with water and mild detergent followed by a clean water rinse.