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      Aluminum composite panel

      ★Protection film
      ★Surface Coating
      ★Aluminum sheet
      ★DUPONT adhesive
      ★Polyethylene core
      ★DUPONT adhesive
      ★Aluminum sheet
      ★Back coating
      “FLORES” Aluminum composite panel is consisted of 3 layers, the surface and back covers of high strength aluminum alloy sheets and the core of nontoxic low density polyethylene (PE) sheet. The painting in the surface and back aluminum sheets are from PPG.VALSPAR of USA and Becker of Sweden.
      Excellent Coating
      “FLORES” aluminum composite panel is coated with fluorocarbon Resin from PPG, Becker, which characterizes no chromatism, flatness, acid & alkali resistance and chemical salt spray resistance for 20 years’ usage.

      High 180℃ peel strength
      “FLORES” aluminum composite panels use DUPONT adhesive instead of macromolecule lamination film mostly used by other manufacturers, which will achieve highest 180℃ peel strength
      High strength
      The high-strength and high-grade surface aluminum greatly improves the strength of the aluminum-plastic plate, ensures the wind pressure resistance, shock-proofing, anti-seep, lightning proofing and impact resistance effects of the curtain wall
      Color Uniformity and Durability
      PVDF pre-coated surface,, allows “FLORES” ACP to retain excellent color consistency and to diversify colors by eliminating the color inequality and surface unevenness. With the stability of PVDF paints through high temperature, heat treatment and the chemical characteristic of fluorine,
      Excellent Insulation of Thermal Conductivity
      By low thermal conductivity and sandwiched composition structure, “FLORES” ACP has an excellent effect on retardant heat flow. Therefore, “kaipujin” ACP is an effective finish material for heating, air-conditioning and even preventing dewdrop.
      Anti-toxicity and Safety
      The aluminum sandwiched core is made of low density polyethylene; the exterior aluminum sheet is uninflammable; the coating itself performs durable & flavourless. “FLORES”aluminum composite panel fulfills the fireproof requirements .

      Corrosion resistance:
      The surface coating is the KTNR500 fluorine-carbon resin coating manufactured by PPG or Becker , can effectively resist the attack of acid rain, air pollution and ultraviolet ray, featuring long useful life, high absorption, excellent gloss, aging resistance and color fastness.

      Free of light pollution
      Since the fluorine-carbon coating surface is matte (gloss about 35), light will be diffusively reflected without causing light pollution
      Strong self-cleaning
      Since the special molecular structure of KYNa500 in the surface fluorine-carbon resin coating, dust cannot be absorbed thereon, so it has strong self-cleaning ability.
      The excellent physical characters of ““FLORES” ACPs, such as Tensile Bonding Strength, Simple Bending Strength, Bending Moment, etc., expand the boundary of panel fabrication. These same properties also allow you fabricating stability and installation safety. Moreover, the P.E core between aluminum is soft enough that fabrication is much easier and more convenient